Model Traffic In Your AWS VPC

This tool will help you simulate network traffic within your Amazon Web Service (AWS) Account, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks to model the effect of Security Group, Network ACL, Routing Rules and VPC peering connections that you have in place.

This can be especially helpful if you need to troubleshoot why an instance is unable to communicate with another instance or the Internet. This tool may also be used to validate network security rules.

We need access to your AWS account for this tool. Your privacy is important and we will never make a change without your knowning. You should create a temporary key pair with limited permissions. Never use a root account key and never give a key with administrator permissions to anyone that does not absolutely need it. This sample policy file contains the permissions required for this tool. You may generate your own policy files using the AWS Policy Generator .

 Your key is stored in a protected cookie within your browser, not on our end!

Select Traffic Source and Traffic Destination. Note that this tool only supports single account flow scenarios at this time.

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